Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Regulatory Process costs Millions

The Australian company seeking to help California meet its natural gas needs is one of the State's leading spenders on lobbyists.

BHP Billiton, an Australian mining company with an office in Oxnard, spent $1.3 million on lobbying, according to California Secretary of State records. Only the California State Teachers Association, at about $8.6 million, and the Western States Petroleum Association, at about $1.4 million, spent more.

A company spokesman said the lobbying is focused solely on Cabrillo Port, the controversial floating terminal proposed about 20 miles offshore from Port Hueneme. Tankers bearing imported natural gas transformed into a liquid would dock at the terminal and offload their cargo, which would then be transformed back into gas and piped onto land.

What a waste. This company is trying to do something good for California and all we can do is put up more obstacles.