Monday, September 12, 2005

Worker mistake darkens Los Angeles

Those LADWP workers should reconsider their demands for an 18% pay raise after one of their workers reportedly made a mistake darkerning half of the City. Despite what the Los Angeles Times or others may lead you to believe, there is no way such a blackout could be attributed to Governor Schwarzenegger, the Cal ISO, the Public Utilities Commission or energy deregulation.

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power was exempted from deregulation in 1996 and has been generally unaffected since then. When the rest of the State was going dark five years ago, the lights stayed on in L.A.--and just the opposite happened today.

During the confusion of the moment, it crossed my mind that either a major generation source (Hoover Dam?) or transmission line to the City had been cut...but it turned out to be something more minor. Given the chaos in L.A., let's be glad that's all it was!