Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Everyone paying for higher gas prices

You're paying for higher gas at the pump--but the costs are being passed along elsewhere, too!

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority estimates that rising fuel costs will add at least $6.4 million to the agency's bus budget this fiscal year. "At this point, we have no plans to raise fares," said MTA spokesman Marc Littman. "We'll seek funds from other areas in the budget. But it's worrisome if it continues."

The cost of catching a cab has already jumped in Orange and Riverside counties, and fares are expected to rise soon in Los Angeles and Ventura counties as well.

The Los Angeles Board of Taxicab Commissioners has asked the City Council to approve a 10% fare hike. The proposal includes a 50-cent surcharge that would kick in when the monthly average price of gas reaches $2.73 a gallon. A $1 surcharge could be added if the price of gas hits $3.28 a gallon.

And watch out...now government wants to make you pay, too! No surprises there, eh?