Monday, August 22, 2005

LNG Battle in Long Beach becoming EXPLOSIVE!

Decisionmakers in Long Beach have alot to weigh as they head towards a Tuesday vote on whether to support or oppose an LNG terminal just yards from their Downtown.

After months debating issues peripheral to a proposed liquefied natural gas terminal in the Port of Long Beach, the City Council will consider a request Tuesday to oppose the project itself.

But the sides are gearing up for a battle that may only be inflamed by a city report released late Friday detailing the project's potential terrorist and safety threats.

The report that City Hall sent to the California Energy Commission described the potential for "massive damage' downtown and in neighborhoods if an incident occurs at the proposed LNG site. It also detailed an alarming range of potential terrorist threats including hijacked LNG vessels, a small boat attack, a small aircraft attack and underwater diver or mine attacks.

And you wonder why Arnold Schwarzenegger prefers an off-shore alternative?!?