Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Breaking Down the Big Screen Ban

Engadget picked up an item in Wired abou the proposed ban on big screen tv's in California (got to love the Internet), so we'll keep the chain going and link to Engadget (becuase Engadget managed to work into its post a mention of the absurd CARB proposal to outlaw black paint on cars- clap! clap!).

Bottom line, according to Wired's write-up:

"The CEC proposal is set up as a two-tiered system. The first enforces efficiency standards beginning in 2011 and would save 3,831 gigawatt hours (and bring down overall TV energy consumption by 33%) by placing a cap on the active mode power usage (in watts) of individual TVs. Current standards in California only regulate TVs in standby mode, at a cap of 3.0 watts.

According to the Commission, energy used in standby mode only represents about 5 percent of all TV energy consumption."

For Q&A about what this all entails, have a gander at the CEC's Web site.