Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Renewable Engine That Could-- "I think I can..."

A new PUC report concludes that if all of the renewable energy projects in California that were proposed in 2008 were to be implemented, those projects would generate 24,000 MW and California's goal of 33% of all electricity coming from renewables by 2020-- often panned as unachievable-- is actually quite doable.

What does this mean as renewable energy projects are being shelved left and right due to the current economic conditions? In the real world, probably not much, but form a public relations perspective, it gives renewable energy advocates a fresh card to play in the debate over California's alternative energy agenda.

The San Francisco Chronicle notes:

"Still, Wednesday's report was the commission's most optimistic to date on reaching California's goals. Last year, a similar report from the same group warned that getting 33 percent of the state's electricity from renewable power would require "an infrastructure build-out on a scale and a timeline perhaps unparalleled in the world."