Thursday, October 30, 2008

Prop 10 Consultants Getting Bitchy...

Last week we whined about our personal distaste for ballot initatives, noting that the " ballot measure process is ripe for exploitation by special interests." A corollary to that observation is that they also, become "consultant free for alls".

Capitol Weekly has a great piece that airs some of the dirty laundry from the Yes and No camps on Prop 10. The focus of the article is an effort to call into question the credibility of Anthony Rubenstein, an energy consultant affilated with the NO on 10 camp.

Rubestein claims his reputation has been done irreparable harm... the Yes on 10 guys claim no responsibility for the ad hominem attacks on Rubenstein but they do paint him as a shunned suitor who tried to score a $30,000 a month consulting gig with the Yes campaign, but who was rebuffed.

The story has all of the stuff that fans of schadenfreude love: innuendo, bruised egos, attack web sites-- the whole nine yards.

In the end, it only serves to distract from the real debate over the boondoggle that is Prop 10, but it's great sport nonetheless.