Monday, May 05, 2008

Looking to Cash In On Jet Fuel Prices

"Fuel surcharges" are only the latest in a long line of annoying add-ons embraced by airlines, but with the high cost of jet fuel, they do make some amount of sense. But, one person's problem is another's opportunity.

Washington, DC-based Solena Group, which builds and operates power plants in Asia, North America, and Europe, is buidling a plant in Gilroy, CA to make jet fuel out of trash, manure, and tree bark, using plasma gasification technology.

CO2 emissions are one big problem associated with the venture. Expiring biofuel tax credits are another. The fact that Solena is doing this on spec without any interest or commitment from a major airline is yet another.

Solena's white knight could be the US Navy which could potentially be inerterested in doing a deal.