Thursday, February 14, 2008


A new stakeholder coalition has popped up to wegh in on PG&E's proposed wave energy project off the Mendocino coast as it wends its way through the policymaking process. The fishing industry has formally put together a coalition in order to achieve legal status as a major stakeholder in the ongoing project deliberations.

The key to an effective lobbying coalition, as everyone knows, is a catchy name. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: FISH! (Fisherman Interested in Safe Hydrokinetics).

FISH has officially filed to intervene in PG&E's permit application process which means the already ambitious project could soon be mired in bureacratic quicksand.

The FISH membership roster is a who's who of maritime resource extraction: the Salmon Trollers Marketing Association, Recreational Fishing Alliance, North Coast Fishing Association, California Sea Urchin Harvesters Commission, Caito's Fisheries, nutritional kelp harvesters, Sonoma County Abalone Network and the Fishermen’s Marketing Association.