Thursday, April 26, 2007

Yahoo! Going Carbon Neutral.

Yahoo! the Interent search engine and content provider based in Northern California announced last week that it will be carbon-netural by the end of 2007. Now the company has to figure out how to get there.

According to Renewable Energy Access, Yahoo! "is planning to offset its carbon footprint by reducing energy consumption throughout the company and investing in environmental initiatives around the world, including possible renewable energy projects such as a wind farm in India or a small-scale run of the river hydroelectric project in Brazil."

Yahoo! claims to have "about two-thirds" of the renewable energy policies and projects it needs already in review, but it's asking for consumer input on the the final pieces of the puzzle.

You can share your thoughts with the Yahoo! folks here.

The company estimates that, once completed, this carbon-neutral project will have environmental benefits equivalent to turning off the power in San Francisco for a month or removing 25,00 0 cars from the roads.

Helping Yahoo! Go Carbon Neutral [Renewable Energy Access]