Thursday, April 05, 2007

Nuclear Back In Play?

Assembly Member Chuck Devore has introduced legislation to lift California’s moratorium on building new nuclear power plants. Despite the fact that a lot of people or just inherently freaked out by nuclear power and despite the fact that we don’t yet have a place to store spent fuel rods, recent polling apparently indicates that resistance to nuclear is softening.

Because nuclear power doesn’t burn fossil fuels, it doesn’t produce greenhouse gases. Therefore, it actually enjoys some measure of support from high profile global warming experts like Al Gore. But this is still California and the prognosis for the bill in the California legislature is not good-- Assembly Member Lloyd Levine called nuclear power a “non-starter” (Levine is now on record opposing coal, LNG, and nuclear).

While the Devore bill most likely won’t go anywhere, it will get people talking about nuclear again which is probably a good thing.

Nuclear power revisited in state [San Francisco Chronicle]