Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Stiff Breeze Blowing In Congress.

Lost in all of the post-landslide, Rumsfeld-resignation, oops-there-goes-the-senate-too, commentary, is the defeat of House Resources Chairman Richard Pombo by a wind energy consultant.

Jerry McNerny, now the Congressman-elect from California's 11th district, states on his campaign Web site (in the "Why I Am Running For Congress" section):

"I am running for Congress because I am committed to bringing a lifetime of experience in renewable energy to Washington so we can decrease America's dependence on foreign oil, thus increasing our national security."

Here is more on McNerny's very detailed position on energy.

While McNerny will not have anywhere near the influence Pombo did because of seniority issues, look for him to make a lot of noise about wind energy, and it's a good bet that a lot of his colleagues in the majority will be enthusiastic listeners.

Environmental groups savor Pombo's defeat as sign of new power [Los Angeles Times]