Thursday, August 31, 2006

AES Building New Power Plant in the Inland Empire.

AES has filed an application with the California Energy Commission to build a 300 megawatt power plant in San Bernardino County. If approved, the plant would provide power to an estimated 300,000 homes.

The plant is at least three years away from coming on line, however. The approval process could take up to a year, followed by two years of construction.

AES is downplaying potential environmental concerns:

Julie Way, AES project director, said the plant must comply with stringent environmental standards.

"Even when operating on a `worst-case' 15-hour day, (the new facility) will produce significantly less emissions than will 15,000 automobiles driving 60 miles on the freeway," Way said.

The noise produced by the plant "will be much quieter than the train horns that are sounded when nearing an intersection," Way said

A public hearing has been scheduled for on September 19.

Plant Could Give Area Boost In Power, If Approved [San Bernardino Sun]