Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Cabrillo Port LNG Project Gains Major Endorsement

The proposed Cabrillo Port LNG project has picked up a major endorsement from the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce.

In its endorsement, the California Hispanic Chambers called project sponsor BHP Billiton a "safety-minded and environmentally friendly company" and commended the Cabrillo Port Project as the "best option for the energy needs of California's working families and small businesses."

In other Cabrillo Port news, Trial Lawyer turned amateur fim-maker Tim Riley and his wife Hayden, both vocal opponents of the Cabrillo Port project, issued a press release promoting the sale of their documentary film about LNG and touting a revised risk study that claims that, in the event of an accident at Cabrillo Port, a flammable vapor cloud extend as far as seven miles.

Earlier studies had put the radius at closr to two miles, but supporters of the project note that neither figure is cause for alarm because Cabrillo Port will be almost 20 miles offshore and becuase the report relies on a fantastically unlikely worst-case-scenario.