Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Long Beach firm to capture landfill gas

A Long Beach firm has been awarded to contract to capture and convert landfill gas into CNG.

SCS Energy, an independent operating division of SCS Engineers, has been awarded a multi-year contract by Sonoma County, California, under which SCS will design, fabricate, install and operate a facility that will convert landfill gas (LFG) to compressed natural gas (CNG). The source of the LFG is the Central Landfill, which is operated by Sonoma County Integrated Waste Management Department. The CNG will be used to fuel buses operated by Sonoma County Transit. The project will be the second LFG to CNG project in the United States and the first LFG to CNG project which will fuel buses. The only other operating LFG to CNG project in the United States fuels mobile equipment at the Puente Hills Landfill in Los Angeles, California.