Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Drivers rush to replace SUVs?

Could soaring gas prices, not employee pricing incentives, be the cause of Detroit's recent revival? Anecdotal evidence says yes!

The national average for regular unleaded gas is $2.33 per gallon, while the state average is $2.56, according to the Automobile Club of Southern California. In the San Bernardino area, the highest recorded price was $2.64 in April, and analysts expect prices to surpass that within the next week.

The high prices have left many searching for ways to pinch pennies at the pump.

"I had to downsize my vehicle. I had an Expedition,' said Cindy Lankey of Fontana, who dumped her large sport utility vehicle in favor of the smaller Mitsubishi Outlander. "It's small and my kids are squished, and they complain a lot, but they'll get over it.'

Lankey spent $29.31 to fill her car at a Fontana gas station. If she still had her Ford Expedition, the cost would have been twice as much