Monday, June 27, 2005

LAT Discovers LNG outside of Long Beach

The Los Angeles Times has put a disproportionate emphasis on the Liquefied Natural Gas proposal in Long Beach, and in today's editorial, it seems they only learned of other projects in the State when Schwarzenegger endorsed the Cabrillo Port:

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Thursday voiced support for a terminal proposed in federal waters 14 miles off Oxnard. There are three other proposals for the state, one at the Long Beach port, easily the most troubling site. The port is within a couple miles of heavily populated areas and a catastrophic accident there could cripple vital shipping.

Though the governor favors what's probably the safest site, an issue this important calls for a more studied approach. Safety should not take a back seat to federal regulators' eagerness to build terminals.

If Times' editors read more than just their own coverage, they'd know that there has been an exhaustive State- and Federal-process that has been ongoing for a year and a half. That's hardly a rush to judgement.